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Class Descriptions
Open-Level Ballet Class
Alexei conducts a traditional ballet class with barre and center floor combinations incorporating pirouettes and jumps. The class will improve your alignment, the carriage of your port de bras, your ability to turn, to jump and to balance. Strength, flexibility and musicality are also emphasized. Each class is targeted to the level of the students in the room. Anyone who has completed at least a beginner ballet series is welcome to attend. Our Tuesday morning class incorporates elements of character dance. Thursdays cthere is also the opportunity to stay for a half-hour of pointe work after the open level class is complete.

Stretch / Flexibility Class (Floor Barre)
Class features a strong focus on flexibility and using particular muscles for the particular movement. This unique mat class is a great workout with almost no stress on the back, knees or feet. It's also the is the perfect way to warm up and to prepare for the ballet afterwards.

Beginner Ballet Class
A deep study of the basics of Classical Ballet, open to new and continuing ballet students. The class features a thorough barre, as well as an introduction to center work. For students who desire to learn ballet, this is the class to start with.

Advanced Beginner Ballet Class
This class features a thorough barre, including a significant stretch sequence, and an in-depth examination of a variety of topics of interest to the ballet student: port de bras, proper alignment, balance and strength, and technique for all movements from the most basic tendus and plies through complex turns and jumps. All students who have completed a Beginner Ballet series are welcome to attend. The class will improve your understanding of the logic of Classical Ballet, thereby making it easier for you to remember sequences at the barre and in the center. In addition to a strong focus on technique, the class also presents sequences that are more "dancy," so that students may learn to link movements fluidly and to apply their technique in the context of longer combinations.

Ballet Variations Class
After a brisk barre and warm-up, the class studies variations from 19th & 20th century ballets with a focus on technique, musicality, and performance quality. Ballet students at an Advanced Beginner level or higher will benefit from this class as Mr. Borovik tailors the class to the students in the room each week. The class offers ballet students the rare chance to learn entire variations and to revisit and improve them over time.

Moving forward, e are going to start trying to maintain a small repertoire of variations that everyone can remember and dance. Variations we have learned include: "Le Carnaval de Venise" variation from the ballet "Satanilla,"
Bluebird, Paquita, and Lilac Fairy.

Visit the links below to review some of the variations.
Satanilla PaquitaGiselle "Peasant Pas de Deux"